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Fitness to stand trial - all related synonyms

Let's see what I mean by "native pro excellence in legal English": the elaborate way native professionals (UK and US lawyers, judges etc.) speak and write in legal English. Let us take the example of persons' capacity to stand trial and let's have all linguistic options: person + is + capable + to stand trial person + is + capable + of standing trial person + have + capacity + to stand trial person + is + competent + to stand trial person + have + competence + to stand trial person + is + fit + to stand trial (UK law) person + is + fit + to plead Synomys have their antonyms, so let us take look at them also: Negation person + is + incapable + to stand trial person + is + incompetent + to stand trial person + is + unfit + to stand trial (UK law) person + is + unfit + to plead For example: "If the defence raises the issue, the onus is on the defence to prove, on the balance of probabilities, that the defendant is unfit to stand trial." Just one reading, and you already know not just the term "stand trial', but also how to use it. The way native professionals use it. The book entitled "A Practical Guide to English for Law" describes 1550 legal terms in such user-friendly manner. This term is also described in PDF ebook entitled 'Terminology of Civil Procedure in Use'.

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