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Boost your career in law

Knowing legal English is a must. Not only well or excellently, but at the level of US and UK legal professionals. What does it mean? It means that we must have in mind a set of sentence patterns that native professionals have when writing their sentences in e.g. civil procedure. Sentence patterns are strings like them: - instrument + is admitted + into evidence - person + state + in one’s defense + that + subject + verb - to prevail + in lawsuit, person + must + prove + that + subject + verb When native legal professionals write their civil procedure texts, they instinctly use such sentence patterns, to create their sentences like: - The plaintiffs contend that the contract must be admitted into evidence. - Where the defendant states in his defense that he has paid to the claimant the amount claimed,… - To prevail in a legal malpractice lawsuit, you will need to prove an attorney-client relationship between you and the lawyer… These sentence patterns are the key to writing court texts at native pro level in English, whether you are German, a French etc. lawyer, law student or legal translator. When you use them, your court text in English will be of the standard of UK and US judges, attorneys, etc. Boost your career in law.

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